Red Ball 3

Red Ball 3 is a thrilling game where the player has to help the hero to rescue his girlfriend that has been kidnapped by an evil enemy. The game is much interesting as the player takes the ball through different levels.

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The objective of this addictive game is  to help the main character finish levels, collect stars and rescue its girlfriend from the black ball.


This flash game features 26 different levels and each level is challenging and colorful . The player has to think and move the ball to keep it safe from the enemies and crosses hurdles to catch the enemy and bring his lover back.

Game Controls

You can easily play this game by using the Arrow keys. You can move right, left, up or down as much as you want.

Game Play

In this version, the player has to take several measures to take the ball to help his lover. It is no easy for the hero to save the kidnapped friend. The journey is completely challenging and the player has to make sure he helps the ball in getting along its way for the rescue operation. The player has to push the ball through different exit levels and reach the final level to win the game.

50 points print screen

It’s a colorful game and the player has to put wood along the way to make easy access throughroads. Te wood disappears after the player uses or puts it down. So, the player has to take woods carefully and place them so that he could take the ball through the road easily. That is the only option they have to cross the road and progress to the next level. So, the player has to play with his fullest ability to move woods and play carefully when crossing the woods.

When playing Red Ball 3, players always feel like real life action as they set to rescue their kidnapped girl friend or save the girl friend of friend or so. It looks much interesting for them to choose gaming options and play based on the set of instructions. So the game doesn’t have any instructions specifically. The player has to keep going overcoming hurdles and accomplishing goals at different levels. The player can enjoy the journey with the ball and cross cliffs and green areas. He has to make use of different wooden panels and platters to jump or cross blocks.

With lots of free games available for entertainment, gaming lovers wish to stay connected to gaming websites. It provides them some sought fulfillment to accomplish their gaming goal in the best way. With the best options, players can always enjoy gaming and take part in all versions of the game and get through various levels. As players know how to progress they find the game much exciting in attaining the mission.

Each level is different when it comes to hurdles. Waters, wooden blocks, thorns and all kinds of obstacles come on the way as the ball moves. If you watch the video, you can know how to operate at different levels and cross water or the cliffs. It becomes easy to play using the video and win games by accomplishing the mission to rescue the girlfriend.


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