Red ball 4

Red Ball 4 is an exciting arcade game which is all about jumping and getting through the way to reach the mission. It is a game of puzzles where the player has to help our hero reach its goal after crossing through several hurdles on its way.

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The objective of this game is  to cross through different levels with a mission to save the world from turning into a square.


This version game features a total of 15 levels and each level is different. The player has to make of a strategy to jump through all levels and accomplish its act of saving the world.

How can I finish level 9?

This level is a special one since it makes you think. Not just run and jump over the black squares, but actually plan your steps. If for some reason you still get stock, try checking the walkthrough.


Some people can’t finish one level on their own, and need some guidance. Some other, especially these days, are just lazy and wanna sit down and watch other players in youtube playing this game and finish all levels.

How to play?

You can play this game (and in fact any other version) by  using arrow keys to move left, right and jump.

Level 5

Game Play

This game  is quite interesting and the player has to keep jumping all the way. The player has to collect all golden stars on the way. He has to roll the ball over the plains and make sure he doesn’t hit anywhere in the corners. It is good to roll over fast and avoid all bad blocks on the way. The grassy hills are much interesting to move with. The player requires the help of rocks or wooden crates to climb over the hills to move the ball.

The flash game comes in different volumes. In volume 2, the player has to help the character move through its way to destroy the monsters. The evil monsters can destroy the world and the player has to join the red ball and help it in saving the world.  In volume 3, the player has to help the red ball reach the pole. The player has to take the ball cross laser beams that pass. In case of wicked blocks, the player has to make the ball stamp on it and go along its way.


It is much fascinating to play the game online. The options are quite good and people love to enter online games of this kind in their free time. It keeps you relaxed and gives you enough opportunities to make best use of your free time. The player can on music and sounds and keep going with the game screen. The player can watch the movie option and know how the game would be and what the player has to do to win the game. Players can reset their progress and all options are user friendly. The player can check his achievements and also know the best scores so that he could play well and come to the top.

Children enjoy this game largely. It is easy and much inspiring for them to learn better. It is good to improve the exposure to the game by playing it again and again. The player can know more as he gets through the game and progresses to higher levels. It is great fun to take part in this game online and choose to play different volumes. Red ball 4 is played by lots and lots of people online. Gaming lovers play with passion and choose different games of their choice. All the games in the series are truly appealing for the easy options and user friendly gaming environment.

Is this game unblocked?

It depends. Blocking games is done on the site level. Means, if one site is blocked, all the games there will be block and you can play neither, including Red Ball 4 . But if the site is open, you can play this game from your work, school or anyplace you like.


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