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Red Ball is an interesting game that uses physics concepts and actions. The game involves a red ball which has to be moved from the start point to the goal flag which is some distance away. This distance is not covered by a simple road. Instead there are different kinds of dangers, pitfalls and traps. You need to be on the lookout for any traps and should be alert to win this game.

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There are multiple levels in this game. You can reach the next level only if you complete the previous level successfully. There are a total of 17 levels in the first version of the red ball game. The first level is one of the easiest games to complete. It is almost a simple stretch with only a few pitfalls. And the last level is the most difficult level where most players need cheats and walkthroughs to successfully complete. In any level, you are given multiple options to restart the game. You can restart the game without losing the progress of previous levels. The current level will be restarted.


Cheats & Walkthrough

This game can prove to be a bit difficult at times. In these situations, you can use the cheats and walkthroughs that are available to help you. Walkthroughs are usually posted by players who have successfully played and completed the game. Walkthroughs can be found for any level of the game in the internet.

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The walkthrough will show how to play the game and how to move the ball so that you can avoid the dangers on the path and reach the goal flag. It is also possible to collect additional points on the way. Cheats can be thought of as hints or solutions which will mean to be the same as walkthroughs. But there are other kinds of cheats which use codes to modify or unlock a part of the game which will help you reach the goal without getting ousted.

The cheat codes are available as simple codes which can be activated at the time of playing the game or it can even be a hardware change. The cheat code is often a password which will activate some part of the unlocked game and creates additional excitement and challenges for the player.

If you view a cheat video, you will be able to see that the best way to play the game successfully is to first understand where the dangers and traps are. Once you understand the problems you should avoid, you can think of a strategy to successfully jump over or cross them without getting stuck or hurt. The walkthroughs are also helpful if you want to achieve the result with maximum scores and minimum times. You will be able to find out some shortcuts you missed or other similar useful hints from walkthroughs or cheats.

If there is a movable platform which will take you closer or away from the next block, you should jump over the platforms at the right time after noticing how close or away it moves from the block. If you see a walkthrough of the first level of the red ball game, you will see that you have to move the ball forward using the right arrow key a little before pressing the right arrow key and up arrow key together.



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